How to set fees and taxes in PriceLabs

Setting Cleaning Fees, Service Fees and Booking Fees

Have you ever wondered how PriceLabs handles the various fees associated with your listing? Let us explain.
The short answer is: We don't!

At PriceLabs, we do not directly manage the fees and discounts related to cleaning, processing, or other charges specific to each channel. Whether you use a channel or property management system, or send prices directly to Airbnb, these additional fees are added or subtracted after our pricing is sent out. Similarly, when PriceLabs reads your existing listings to recalculate prices, it considers the current base price on various channels but does not incorporate any fees set on those platforms. 

If you find that the total cost to guests becomes too high after taxes and additional fees are included, you have the option to slightly reduce your base rate. By doing so, the rates on your calendar will drop by the same percentage as the reduction in your base rate.

If you'd like to delve further into how PriceLabs gathers data and calculates rates, we invite you to Click here to learn more.
It is important to note that while some connections allow us to send extra person fees and provide weekly or monthly discounts, these options are limited. If your connection supports these features, you will find corresponding customization panels for your listings where you can make adjustments.

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