How to set fees and taxes in PriceLabs

Setting Cleaning Fees, Service Fees and Booking Fees

Are you wondering how PriceLabs manages all of the fees associated with listing your property on multiple channels?
The short answer is: We don't!

Whether you use a channel or property management system, or send prices directly to Airbnb, any fees or discounts for cleaning, processing, etc., are all added or removed after our pricing is sent out. Similarly, when PriceLabs reads your existing listings to recalculate prices, the system looks at the current base price for your listing on various channels but does not take into account fees set there.  Click here to read more about how PriceLabs gathers data and calculates rates. 

If you are finding that costs to guests are too high after taxes and fees are added, you can reduce your base rate slightly. This will cause rates on your calendar to drop by the same percentage your base rate was reduced. 

Do note that some connections do allow us to send extra person fees and/or weekly and monthly discounts, but these are very limited. If your connection allows for it, you will see these options on the customization panels for your listings. 

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