How to connect PriceLabs with Guesty

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Guesty

When actively syncing with Guesty, PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements, along with weekly and monthly discounts, and extra guest fees, to single and multi-unit Guesty listings for 540 days from today.   This easy integration allows Guesty users to import their properties to PriceLabs and instantly see the recommended prices. 
When using Guesty with PriceLabs, please do not directly make manual pricing or min-stay adjustments on your channels. If you need to adjust your price or stay requirement manually, please use the Date Specific Overrides on PriceLabs.

Connecting Guesty to PriceLabs

Listings under 1 account in Guesty cannot be split into multiple PriceLabs account
Step 1.  To get started, log in to Guesty and select Marketplace under the Integrations menu. 

Step 2. Look for PriceLabs. You can tick the checkbox for the Financials category to easily find PriceLabs. Then click "Connect".

Step 3. Click "Connect" again and copy the Integration Token.

Step 4.  Log in to PriceLabs, and click the "Add your listings" or  "Add/Reconnect listings" button. Choose Guesty and enter the Integration Token you copied. The listing nicknames in Guesty will automatically transfer into the PriceLabs tags field. You can untick this box if you do not want to import nicknames for your listings. 

Voila! Your Guesty listings should now show on your PriceLabs dashboard. You can now review and customize prices (more on that here) or join one of our Intro to PriceLabs Live training sessions to get a guided overview of the system. Once you're satisfied with your recommended rates, synchronize those prices with Guesty. You should also be able to see the PriceLabs integration in Guesty by going to Account > Integrations > My Integrations > PriceLabs

Now you are free to spend your time improving your operations and taking care of guests instead of spending several hours trying to calculate competitive prices or syncing prices across multiple channels.

Adding new listings to PriceLabs after the first connection / Reconnecting Guesty to PriceLabs

If you add new listings in Guesty, or simply need to reconnect your Guesty account to PriceLabs, please make sure to go through the following steps:
  1. From the Pricing Dashboard, click "Add/Reconnect Listings"
  2. Choose the PMS / Channel Manager option and select Guesty
  3. Click the "Reconnect Existing Account" tab
  4. Select your corresponding Guesty account from the drop-down and click "Reconnect Account"

That's it! Your new listings will be imported to PriceLabs. 

Support for Multi-Unit Properties

If you have multi-unit properties set up on Guesty, once you connect to PriceLabs, you'd only see the parent unit. The overall occupancy of the sub-units will be provided within the parent unit. 

For details on the cost of multi-units, check our guide here.

NOTE : The minimum stay restriction being updated in from Guesty corresponds to 'Minimum length of stay' instead of  'Minimum stay from arrival'. In PriceLabs, we support 'Minimum stay from arrival' and hence, you might see some discrepancy in and not Airbnb/VRBO (because Airbnb supports only Min. stay from arrival). Eg.
  1. Minimum Length of stay: Suppose min-stay for the next 3 days is 2,3,4. So if a user is booking, they need to stay for at least 4 days and only then they can make a booking for this duration of stay.
  2. Min. stay from arrival: In the same scenario above, user will need to stay at least 2 days as the rule on the check-in date applies.
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