Default Discounts and Premiums

Default Discounts and Premiums

One of the ways in which we make changes to your pricing is by adding premiums and discounts to certain dates depending on their position relative to holidays, events, and other bookings. We've found that orphan days -- days between bookings that don't meet your minimum booking length -- will sell quicker with a slight discount. Dates more than three months in the future will get booked if there is a price increase or not. And visitors love to book last minute deals. So we've set up a couple of defaults to garner our users the most bookings for the most money!  

There are three default price adjustments that are made after prices are adjusted for seasonality and neighborhood occupancy: 
  1. A 20% discount on two or fewer orphan days. 
  2. A gradual 20% premium over seven months beyond 30 days (about 0.1% per day), after 270 days - a flat 20% premium is applied.
  3. A gradual 30% last minute discount over the next 15 days from today (whichever day today is)
  4. Listing occupancy. The details of these discounts and premiums are in the default profile of the Occupancy-Based Adjustments customization
These settings only apply if they offer a lower discount or higher premium than the settings you've put in place and  if they don't make prices go below your set minimum or above your set maximum. 

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