Last-Minute Prices

Last-Minute Prices

You can use this customization to fine-tune your prices for last-minute dates.

Default:  We apply a gradual 30% last-minute discount over the next 15 days from the current day by default.

Customize: There are four options available if you want to apply your own customization for either discounts or premiums:

% Flat: For example, if you set a 25% flat discount within 5 days, then a flat 25% discount will be applied to days 0 through 5, where day 0 is the present day.

% Gradual: If you set a 35% gradual discount within 7 days, then for a date that is 7 nights away, the discount will be 0% and every day that it gets closer, we keep adding a 5% (=35/7) discount such that on day 0 the discount becomes 35%. This results in a more gradual discounting rather than a step change.

Fixed: If you set 70 USD (or the currency your listing is priced in) within 10 days, then we'll set the prices to 70 for days 0 through 10.

None: If you do not wish to apply the default Last minute discounts to your listings and keep it at 0.
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