How to connect PriceLabs to Booking Automation

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Booking Automation

When actively syncing PriceLabs can send dynamic rates and minimum stay requirements to your Booking Automation listings for dates up to 540 days from today (see our article here for more information on extending your pricing calendar). Integrating PriceLabs and Booking Automation can be done in a few simple steps. 

Step 1. Log into Booking Automation and make sure that the correct latitude and longitude for each of your properties in Booking Automation. This can be set under Settings > Properties > Description. 

Step 2. Set a daily base rate for each room via the Calendar page for one year from today. To do this go to Calendar > Daily Price and click on any date in the Daily Rate row, enter your price in the pop-up that opens and set the date for one year from today.  

Step 3. Enable PriceLabs by going to Settings > Apps & Integrations >PriceLabs and clicking the enable button for the properties you wish to connect with PriceLabs. Save the page when you're finished enabling properties and then copy the key highlighted in yellow below. 

Step 4. Log in to your PriceLabs account, click the "Add your listings" button. Select 'Booking Automation' and paste the PriceLabs key from the last step into the box provided. Click "Connect" and your listing(s) will be imported from Booking Automation in to PriceLabs. 
You can click "Review Prices" to set customizations and view pricing recommendations for each listing. Be sure to check out our Getting Started Guide and join one of our live trainings to get a good overview of the system.

Note: If your minimum stay or pricing is not updating in P‚ÄčriceLabs Check the values you have set on Booking Automation in SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS -> SETUP and SETTINGS -> PROPERTIES -> ROOMS -> DAILY PRICES. Leave Minimum Stay = None and Minimum Price = 0.00 (or your minimum) PriceLabs can NOT cut/reduce these values.

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