How to find your referral code in PriceLabs

Refer PriceLabs to friends and earn!

Finding PriceLabs useful and want to share it with others? 

We have a simple referral link that you can share with your friends to sign up with. When someone uses your referral code to subscribe to Dynamic Pricing with us, both you & your friend get a $10 discount. 

To find this link, click here or go to the billing page and click "Refer & Earn" on the left panel. The referral link that you see on this page is unique to your account!

How it works: 

It's straight forward!
  1. Firstly, the link you see in the account is unique to you.
  2. Copy the referral link by clicking the black icon next to the link. When you click the icon, it will copy the link.
  3. Now you can share this link with anyone who you think could benefit from using PriceLabs. Paste your link in your message to them. You can paste the link in an email, a social media post, or even a social media group.
  4. You will see when an account was created using your link, how much referral credit is possible, and the referral credit status below.
  5. When we invoice someone who had used your code for the first time, both you and the user get a $10 credit.
Fine print? Well not much here other than:   
We have a one-month free trial and only charge customers at the end of a billing period. The referral credit can take up to 2 months from when someone uses your referral code. 
Referral credit only works with our Dynamic Pricing service today. 
Referral credit can only be applied to new accounts. If someone already has an account with PriceLabs, they cannot take advantage of your referral code.
Not actively using PriceLabs anymore? We can pay out the referral credit through PayPal.

PriceLabs logo: Want to include PriceLabs logo on your website? Here is a link to our hi-resolution logos.

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