Upload Reservations Using CSV in Portfolio Analytics

Upload Reservations Using CSV in Portfolio Analytics


This feature is particularly useful:
  1. To upload old historical reservations when PMS is switched and there is no method available to transfer old PMS/OTA data to the new PMS.
  2. To upload reservations that do not exist in PriceLabs and were created before 48 hours. This could include direct or offline bookings which cannot be uploaded in the PMS, or PriceLabs does not retrieve them through the PMS API.
  3. Additionally, the feature can be leveraged to upload reservation block information if PriceLabs does not receive that data from the PMS.
Under no circumstances should this feature be used to upload current or ongoing reservations which are already there in current PMS, as PriceLabs is supposed to fetch these from the PMS every 24/36 hours. If users upload them prematurely, there is a risk that, when PriceLabs retrieves the data from the PMS, revenue and occupancy metrics may be duplicated
Please contact support@pricelabs.co to request enabling this feature. This feature is available on a request basis to ensure users are well-informed about all important points before using it.

How to Use

  1. Navigate to Portfolio Analytics (KPIs and Historic Reports)
  2. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner

  3. Download the sample CSV file

  4. Fill in the necessary information and upload the file
  5. After uploading, you will receive an email with success or failure details in an attachment.

Points to Note

  1. Listing ID: Ensure it matches the one in PriceLabs, or the upload will fail

  2. Make sure listing_id column is in text format.

  3. Mandatory Columns: listing_id, pms_name, start_date, end_date, total_cost (if status is booked), rental_revenue, currency (ISO3 format) & pl_status.
  4. Listings must be unhidden in your PriceLabs account, and Portfolio Analytics should be enabled for the respective PMS.
  5. Reservation_ID: Optional. If not provided, the system will generate it based on the format: Listing ID _ Start Date _ End Date
  6. Total_cost and rental_revenue must not be less than or equal to 0 if the pl_status is booked. Please make sure total_cost, rental_revenue and all other revenue related fields should be in numeric form without any symbol or text in it. Example - $25, USD25 are both incorrect ways to provide values.
  7. booked_time cannot be left blank if the status is booked
  8. To modify or update any entry, please upload the revised data using the same reservation ID, or use the above-mentioned format if it was not provided earlier. Furthermore, you can download all reservations with reservation IDs from the 'Trends by Booking Creation Date' section by selecting 'Bookings' in the graph option and downloading the CSV.
  9. pl_status Options: booked, blocked, cancelled, canceled & available.
  10. Booking Source Options: airbnb, vrbo, bcom, manual & others.
  11. A maximum of 5000 entries can be updated at a time
  12. If pl_status is canceled, mention cancelled_time else the upload will fail
  13. Do not remove or tamper with mandatory columns. Users can re-order or delete optional columns during upload.
  14. Booked time cannot be greater than start date & end date. Please note booked time is actually is booked date in the below mentioned acceptable formats.
  15. Ensure the file type remains as CSV. Save as should be used to change the extension if needed (don't use rename to change file extension).
  16. Accepted date formats: YYYY-MM-DD, DD month YYYY, DD.MM.YYYY (e.g., 2019-01-19, 19 January 2019, 19.01.2019.
  17. Sometimes in case of large numbers, csv tend to convert them in scientific notation. Make sure you click on 'Don't convert' to keep the original non scientific format as shown in screenshot below.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@pricelabs.co

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