How to Update Billing Information on PriceLabs

How to add company name, billing address or tax id to the invoice?

If you want to update your billing address or add a tax ID to your invoices. You can do this by going to the Billing page from the Account menu. Select "Billing Details" on the left and you'll find spaces where you can enter various bits of information, and any emails where you want invoices sent. After you've entered everything you need us to know for billing purposes, be sure to click "Save Settings" at the bottom!

When you update details here, all your invoices (current or old ones) will include these details.

If you don't want the old invoices to have these details, download them first. You can download them by going to the invoices tab. More on it here.
On this page you can also add additional billing email addresses. Email ids added here will get emails related to billing - when an invoice is ready, or when we charge your payment method, or if the payment fails.

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