Supporting Guesty Multi-Unit Listings

Supporting Guesty Multi-Unit Listings

In Feb 2021, Guesty rolled out a more comprehensive multi-unit setup, where:

  1. Each sub-unit and the parent unit itself needed a price update for all the OTAs to be updated
  2. Each sub-unit's availability was needed to be used in portfolio occupancy adjustments
  1. Price updates can only be made on the parent unit, and price updates to sub-units/child units don't work anymore.
  2. Overall occupancy of the all the sub-units is provided within a parent unit. A date on a multi-unit parent listing will now be unavailable if all the sub-units are booked. If you're using occupancy based adjustments or portfolio occupancy based adjustments, hovering over any date should show the listing's correct occupancy (so if there are 3 subunits and 2 are booked on a certain date, it will show 66%).
As a result, from March 1, 2021 onwards, for new multi-unit listings imported the child listings (sub-units) won't import anymore. All the communication will happen via the parent unit - this is great because for identical units, you don't have to manage pricing for each sub-unit anymore. Your PriceLabs dashboard should get a lot cleaner! 

For existing multi-unit listings, we are requesting customers to follow the following steps:
  1. Click the "Add your listings" button and enter the Guesty API key to reconnect the account (instructions same as you first onboarded/imported a listing)
  2. You will notice that the child/sub-units now have a "sub-unit will not sync" after their name. The parent listings will show the unit count next to their name.
  3. For these sub-units,
    1. Turn off the sync switch 
    2. If you had mapped these sub-unit listings to a parent unit, un-map them to see a trash icon next to their name.
    3. Delete the sub-unit listings from PriceLabs using the trash icon as the price updates to those don't change anything on Guesty (instructions). 
  4. If you want to use PriceLabs portfolio-level occupancy adjustment then assign the single listing to the group (the parent listings contain information about which dates have how many units available!).

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