Revenue Estimator Pro FAQs

Revenue Estimator Pro FAQs


How can Revenue Estimator Pro help me?
Revenue Estimator Pro offers instant revenue estimates for properties worldwide. Whether you're looking at properties in your local area or globally, this tool provides detailed revenue reports instantly, including monthly revenues, average daily rates, and occupancy rates. It's a straightforward solution for anyone in the property business looking to make quick, informed decisions. Read our blog post here for more information.

How much does it cost?
Revenue Estimator Pro has a subscription pricing. You can either buy a monthly or yearly plan as described -
Three monthly plans
  1. $10 per month - 2 estimates every month
  2. $45 per month - 15 estimates every month
  3. $125 per month - 50 estimates every month
Two yearly plans
  1. $450 per year - 180 estimates every year
  2. $1250 per year - 600 estimates every year
Where to find Revenue Estimator Pro inside PriceLabs?
If you are not a current PriceLabs, start by creating a PriceLabs account here.
If you are a current PriceLabs user, find it under the "Market Research" tab in PriceLabs, listed as the second option. 

How to get 2 free estimates?
If you have added a listing with PriceLabs, you're entitled to two free estimates to explore the tool's capabilities. These will reflect in your account automatically.

Data & Methodology

What data is used to estimate revenue?
We try to get up to 350 active listings in 15 km radius plus some inactive listings.
We get this data from Airbnb, and for the last one year.

How often do you refresh the data in the estimate?
When you create an estimate, we only fetch the data once to create the estimate dashboard. Hence, we do not refresh the data.

What does the revenue number include? Does it has cleaning fee included?
Our revenue estimates are derived from Airbnb's displayed nightly rates, excluding taxes, cleaning fees, and additional charges. Note that some hosts might include commissions or channel fees in these rates.

Can I modify PriceLabs generated estimates?
Absolutely! While we create a first estimate, the tool gives you capability to select your comparable properties. In the estimate dashboard, in the top right you can find the button - "Filter & Refine CompSet".
Upon clicking, you can play around with filters to narrow down your selected comparable properties.

What all metrics do you show?
Apart from Revenue, you can find metrics such as Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Occupancy in the estimate dashboard.

Does the tool show monthly projections?
Revenue Estimator Pro shows you monthly breakdown of the three metrics - Revenue, Occupancy, Average Daily Rate (ADR) making it easier to understand how much revenue and occupancy you can expect in low and high seasons.

Using Revenue Estimator Pro

Where do I view saved estimates?
Login to PriceLabs >> Market Research (tab) >> Revenue Estimator Pro

Alternatively, you can always go to this link when logged in -
Once you come on this page, you will be able to see all the estimates you have created so far.

When does an estimate expire?
Every estimate expires 30 days after you create an estimate.
When an estimate expires, you can view the estimate dashboard, and export PDF/CSV but cannot edit estimate.

Where to see an expired estimate?
On the landing page (, click the button "Show Expired Estimates" to view all the estimates.

How can I export PDF/CSV?
In the estimate dashboard, click on the top right arrow icon to export the PDF or CSV.

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