Refresh Reservations Data in Portfolio Analytics

Refresh Reservations Data in Portfolio Analytics

Portfolio Analytics now let users have more visibility and control on the data that are used for Portfolio Analytics. This feature is available in both Portfolio Analytics 'KPI & Historic reports' and 'Pacing Reports'.

What changed? 

  1. Users now have the ability to view the last reservation refresh time directly in Portfolio Analytics.
  2. Users can now manually refresh data if the last update is older than 12 hours.

How to view the last reservation refresh time? 

Method 1: Hover your mouse over the (i) icon under "Last Refreshed". You will see a tooltip that lists all the connected platforms in your account and their last refresh time. 

Method 2: Click the Refresh icon () and a table will show up with the list of connected platforms/PMS on your account and their last refresh time. 

How to manually refresh Portfolio Analytics data? 

1. Click the Refresh icon () located in the upper-right corner. 
2. Click Refresh to the right of each PMS/Booking channels that you want to refresh. 
  1. If the refresh button is greyed out, it means that the refresh was recently performed and you need to wait until the last refreshed time is more than 12 hours ago. 
  2. If you see a yellow triangle icon () next to the last refreshed time, this indicates that there was an error running the daily fetch. Kindly reach out to our support team( to see why. 

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