Product Updates To Help You Prepare for 2022 ⭐

2021-12 (December) :Product Updates To Help You Prepare for 2022 ⭐


Ready for 2022?
Latest updates in our product to build an effective pricing strategy

Hey there!

As we approach this year's end, it's time to look back and review the yearly performance. Looking at what worked and what didn't, creates a solid foundation to build the plans for the coming year.

In this month's newsletter, we want to introduce some updates that we have recently launched to help you build your pricing strategy effortlessly.
Product Updates to Build the Pricing Strategy for 2022

Compare your listings with your closest competitors

Now you can select specific competitors from Airbnb or VRBO to review their prices. We heard that many of you generated quotes on Airbnb to keep track of how much a particular competitor was charging. Therefore, we introduced a direct comparison with the competitors of your choice to make it more efficient for you. 

You can also look at the pricing and occupancy of the entire surrounding market in the future prices and occupancy graph. (
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Review and discuss your 2021 performance

With our latest update, you can use KPIs in Portfolio Analytics to easily compare the time periods of your choice instead of only being able to compare the past 30 days. (Read More)

Coming Soon: If you are a property manager, you can easily download these reports in PDF format to effortlessly collaborate with homeowners and discuss future strategies. 
Compare your performance against specific hosts

We have added an option to filter by HostID in Market Dashboards, which you can select under the 'Column Filters' in the Listings and Comp Sets section.

Using this, you can filter out your own HostID in case you wish to exclude your listings when looking at the market performance.

You can also create comp-sets of specific property managers using their HostIDs to keep a closer tab on the competition. You can compare their portfolio's revenue and occupancy against yours in Portfolio Analytics. See here. 
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Use historic data to understand if you should take up a new vacation home

In Market Dashboards, you can now select up to 15 months of historic data in the Market History section, which will help you review historic revenue, occupancy, and operational metrics for an area.  
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Keep up with the trends

We're constantly rolling out new features, and joining one of our webinars is the easiest way to keep up with what's new!
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 Bonus Features
  • We apply the last-minute discount by default, unless you actively adjust it. We have now added a simpler way to turn off the last-minute discounts by selecting "none" in the last-minute price customization.
  • PriceLabs pricing now goes out to 18 months for all accounts.
  • Introducing our latest customization option - Price offset. This option sets a "Fixed" or "Percent" price change on the final recommended price. This is helpful for users who want comparable prices for mapped listings from different channels, but still want to have a price offset between channels.
  • We have moved several advanced settings to relevant places within the product. You can find 3 dots at various places in the product. Click to discover what they do.

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See how to use Portfolio Analytics and Market Dashboards can help you increase your vacation rental revenue:
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