2020-09 (September): PriceLabs Multi-calendar is now mobile responsive

2020-09 (September): PriceLabs Multi-calendar is now mobile responsive

Making adjustments on the go got a whole lot easier with the updated mobile responsive Multi-Calendar!
Receive account alerts on multiple email ids!

In PriceLabs, we support 1 user (and 1 email) per account.

However, you may want other people in your company to receive alerts from PriceLabs. These alerts are usually to do with some action we want you to take. So receiving it on multiple email ids might be a good idea.

This is especially true if you have co-hosts or if you are using your group email like (hello or info etc).

Simply log in to your PriceLabs account, and go to the Settings page. Here you can add multiple Email IDs who will receive all updates/alerts for your account (except billing emails). Additional billing emails can be setup in the billing section.
See the location of your listings!
Part of our rate adjustments are based on the hyper-local data we use to track demand for your listing's area, so it is very important to make sure the correct location is set for your listing. If the location for your listing is off by even a few hundred meters, this can skew our recommendations.

Even though we import location from the PMS - we have made it easy in PriceLabs to see the location we are pulling. Read more here
Introducing: Bulk Uploads to manage your listings
Managing listings and updating min/base/max tags are easier than ever before. Simply download CSV from the manage listings page, edit the sheet and upload it right back!
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