2020-08 (August): Setting Rates Just Got Faster

2020-08 (August): Setting Rates Just Got Faster

See what customization level is used
We received several questions regarding this. Users were unsure what level of customization was applying to their listing. The customizations box now shows if listing, group, or account level customizations are being applied to your listing prices. Customization hierarchy still applies, more on it here.
Start from where you left off
Previously, when you reviewed the price for a listing, the screen would scroll down, and then you were probably lost, which was the next listing you wanted to review. We have made this process more comfortable with the Back to Listing and Back to Top buttons.
Customization group quick-access
If you have several groups in PriceLabs, you would appreciate this feature. The endless scroll was tiring. You can find the group you're looking for or create a new one with our handy navigation panel. More on how to use group customizations to manage multiple listings here.
Search and sort the 'Manage Listings' page
If you had several listings, and were finding it difficult to navigate the manage listings page, we have now added search and sort functionality!
Help widget changes
The previous design of close button was not intuitive. We saw many folks struggle. The close button is now at right top corner (where you'd expect it to be)!
Market Dashboards
Change the radius of existing dashboards
Adjust the radius of existing dashboards to hone in on your market or get a broader view of what is going on around you. Let us know if you already ordered multiple reports for the same address and we can help get this straightened out.
Faster load speeds
Market Dashboards also load A LOT faster. See for yourself.
Billing Page
We have changed how the billing page looks. There are several minor changes here so we will not bore you with the details but two material ones below: 
CSV download
We have added a downloadable CSV file to the transaction table. The CSV file contains details on which listings have been included in each invoice.
Add multiple billing emails
You may want your accounting team or someone responsible for finance to receive the billing emails. So we have added a field where you can now enter multiple email ids to receive all billing-related emails. Click the billing details section to discover this field!
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