Portfolio Analytics : Terminology

Portfolio Analytics : Terminology

Glossary of Terms

Length of Stay (LOS): The number of nights a booking is for. For a booking where guests check in Friday and checkout Sunday, the Length of Stay would be 2 (Friday night and Saturday night).

RevPar: RevPAR can effectively predict your ADR’s success at filling available rooms. This, therefore, provides a constructive view of your property’s operational performance. It is the balance between the occupancy rate and ADR that is, it is the occupancy rate multiplied by the average daily rate . Read more

Stay Dates: This refers to a time period where we consider bookings where guests have stayed at the listing during the period. “Past 30 Stay Dates” can be read as “In the past 30 days for bookings where guests have stayed”.

Booking Creation dates:   The date on which a booking was made.

Revenue: This is for any bookings that come to the property (regardless the channel). We try to estimate what dates got booked, which didn't, and at what price, by monitoring the listings calendars, removing outliers, blocked dates, etc. Regardless of where a booking comes from, when the dates become unavailable, that indicates to us that quite possibly the listing got booked. We use the last seen price to estimate the revenue from the booking at that point (cleaning fee, extra guest fee, etc are not included in the estimate).

Occupancy: Tracks the occupancy over the selected time period

Pacing information: In addition to total occupancy, we also show
  1. Pickup: how much of your occupancy came in the last 7 days.
  2. Market pickup: same as above but from the market dashboard you selected.

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