Pacing Factor

Pacing Factor

What is the pacing factor?

The pacing adjustment has been put in place for some markets where the projected demand is deviating significantly from historical seasonal trends. This deviation is calculated by considering how much ahead or behind your market occupancy is this year compared to previous years.

The calculated adjustment will gradually move towards 0% adjustment over a booking window that depends on the market and the data we have for that market. Both the pacing factor and 0% date are updated regularly to take into account market dynamics.

A pacing factor of +5% implies that the market of 2023 is generally up by 5% as compared to the same period in the previous year(s).

How does the pacing factor affect my rates?

The intent of pacing is to reduce the need for you to change the base price - if the your market is down compared to same time last year, pacing will help reduce the overall recommended rates. And if markets are up, it'll increase the overall prices. This is important because historic seasonality has been less of an indicator of demand ( due to COVID, macro-economic environment).

Note that we still recommend reviewing base prices at least once a month, as the pacing is at a market level, while your listing's performance can see larger swings due to other variables like search ranking, reviews, etc.

How do I know if a pacing factor is being applied to my listing?

When hovering over a date in your PriceLabs calendar, seeing "Pacing factor" in the tooltip under “Market Factors” means a pacing factor is being applied.

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