How to find a missing listing in PriceLabs

Misplaced Listings

Did you temporarily misplace a listing or two after using the sort or hide function? We can help you find it!

Lost listings can generally be found one of two ways:

First, check to make sure your listing hasn't been hidden by going to the Manage Listings page from the Dynamic Pricing Menu.
If any of the "eye" icon under "Show Listings" is grayed out, that listing will not appear on your PriceLabs dashboard. If you need the listing to appear on your dashboard, make sure the "eye" icon is not grayed out.

If you have many properties and scrolling through them all to look for one eye icon seems like a daunting task, use the search bar on the Manage Listings page. Here, you can search by listing ID, listing name, tag,or customization group!

If you have tried these steps and still can't find your missing property, please submit a ticket. Be sure to include the listing ID and the email associated with your account and we'll put someone from our awesome support team on the job.
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