2022-03 ( March) : Introducing Minimum Stay 2.0 and other product updates ✨

2022-03 ( March) : Introducing Minimum Stay 2.0 and other product updates ✨


It's time for our monthly product update newsletter and we couldn't be more excited! We have a major improvement to introduce below and it has been in the works for several months 🤯🤯

We also have a few other product updates that will help you use PriceLabs better and earn more 💰💰💰!

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Flexible, Customizable, and Efficient!

A little history - we introduced minimum stay restrictions about 5 years ago (Mar 28, 2017), and it was amazing! We have since made a lot of changes to how minimum stays worked, options that existed, and how to make them efficient. However, the tech was limited! But that's changed.

With this change, we hope you'll have a whole new reason to ❤️ PriceLabs!!

Watch this 5-minute video for an overview of the update or continue reading below.

🆕 Full Control On Minimum Stay restriction

Our previous iteration was limiting! 😔

When selecting last-minute or far-out restrictions, you couldn't select different restrictions for weekday vs weekend. It made sense that you should be able to. After all, weekday vs weekend demand patterns can be different.

Then there was the limitation of how many last-minute rules you could have. Only one!

This has changed!✌️

Now you can set up to three rules for each of the below restrictions and split them up by weekday vs weekend

⚡️ Orphan Bookings ( Gap fillers between two booked dates)
⚡️ Last Minute Booking
⚡️ Far out booking

See for yourself!

🆕 Adjacent day setting to reduce calendar gaps

This setting will allow shorter stays before and after an existing booking. This will proactively prevent gaps from being created in your calendar.

🆕 No more repetitive work with Min Stay Profiles

No more death by thousand clicks to replicate the same configuration. 😵🚫

Configure a Min Stay Profile on the customizations page, save it, and now you can use it across PriceLabs - on listings, groups, or an account level!

Neat, right? We hope you like it! 💆‍♀️

Experience Min Stay Profiles

This is all great but wouldn't it be even better if you could do Min Stay Profiles by Season? Well, Yes, you can!

🆕 Set seasonal Minimum Stay 🌞❄️☃️

Rolling minimum stays are great but if you are in a highly seasonal market, you might want the ability to set Minimum Stay by season. Some of you might also be using date-level overrides to do this which can get messy! 🥴

Now you can use the combination of Minimum Stay Profiles and Custom Seasonal Profile to do this!

Hope you'd like the above flexibility in Minimum Stay! We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Other Dynamic Pricing improvements:

🙋 In Neighborhood data and Base Price Help tool maps, you can visit the Airbnb page of a listing by clicking on the listing in the map.

🙋 In Neighborhood data and Base Price Help tool maps, if you hover on a listing - you'll see how many people does that property sleep 🛏️. This is in addition to the Average price and Bedroom count information.

🙋 Have you checked out the redesigned Multi Calendar page yet? Quickly view all your property prices in one go! The Multi Calendar is also 📱 mobile-friendly!

New PMS Integrations: Minihotel and Deskline PMS!

If you are using Minihotel or Deskline as your PMS, you can now enjoy the advantages of data, automation, and intelligence from PriceLabs.

Using another PMS? We integrate with 60+ PMS and Channel Managers.

Explore All Integrations

Or, try our Dynamic Pricing API to integrate it with your custom PMS.

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