How to set Account/ Group level overrides and customizations

How to set Account/ Group level overrides and customizations

If you want to apply a certain customization for all listings in your account or groups of listings, you can use the customization page. For listings that have their own specific customization, the group/account level settings will be ignored. The account level settings can be set for each PMS/channel that you use. This page also lets you quickly review and update customizations on each listing individually.  
To set a customization on Account/Group level, click on the red " Edit" button to open the Pricing Customizations  -

Setting overrides in PriceLabs allows you to override our pricing recommendations for any date ranges that you specify. This is a great way of ensuring a custom minimum stay or price for a certain date range. Using group/account overrides is a way of setting bulk overrides that you’d like to apply to all or a group of listings in your PriceLabs account.

Here are the steps for the same:

Step 1:

Click on ‘Customizations’ under ‘Dynamic Pricing’ on your dashboard

Step 2:

Select Account or Group according to the place you want to make overrides for as shown below:

Step 3:

Click on Group/Account Calendar on the right:

Step 4:

Select any date range in the calendar box that appears:

Step 5:

Make changes to the selected date range in the form of price or minimum stay and then click on “Add”

Once done, you’ll see the changes made on the specific date range in the calendar view shown in the previous step.

For more information on hierarchy and which override will apply, kindly refer to our Customization Hierarchy article

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