How to Find and Update Your Lat-Long

How to Find and Update Your Lat-Long

Several of our integrations require a user to have the latitude and longitude of the property entered into their listing on the PMS or channel listing. If it's missing you can go to Google Maps, enter your address into the search bar and wait for the location to pop up. Right click on the red location marker and select "What's Here?" then a small box will pop up on the bottom of the map view with the location's lat-long:

Please note that if you've made an adjustment to your listing's location in your channel or property management system, you will need to use the "Add your listings" button to import the new information to your PriceLabs account. 
Please note this feature is only available for following PMSs- Mews, YieldPlanet, Newbook, Staah, VRBO and MiniHotel

Steps to update the location 

  • Head over to the Manage Listings page
  • Click on the "pencil" icon under the "Location" column that should open up the Location Data modal
  • Now make sure the toggle on this modal on the bottom left is OFF against "Allow PMS to import"
  • Drag the location marker on the map to desired location of your property and that should update the latitude and longitude of your property
  • To save the location inside PriceLabs click on "Update Location" button and that's it.

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