How to export rates as CSV

How to export rates as CSV

There are a few ways to export rates CSV from PriceLabs. Please see below:

Exporting individual listing rates:

Step 1: Go to review prices calendar for an individual listing and click the three dots on the right top of the calendar section. See screenshot

Step 2: On clicking the three dots a pop-up will show up. Click download rates on that button. See screenshot

Step 3: Columns you'd see in the CSV 

Exporting individual listing rates in comparison to Neighborhood Data:

Step 1: Go to Neighborhood data section, and click the 3 dots.

Step 2: Columns you'd see in the CSV 

Exporting multiple listing rates:

If you have many listings then clicking Download Prices for each listing one by one might be pretty time consumingYou can also export rates for all your listings at an account or group level. For this head over to Customizations Page
Click on the three dots seen on the extreme right and then click Download CSV Prices as seen in the screenshot below - 

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