Uploading PriceLabs rates to Homeaway/VRBO

Uploading PriceLabs rates to Homeaway/VRBO

Automated Price Adjustment to VRBO

We now work directly with VRBO and send rates every 24 hours automatically! You can read the details about the connection here. Please use our direct connection from PriceLabs --> VRBO so you can automate the prices instead of the extension below.

The Manual VRBO Price Upload method is no longer recommended! We will not be adding enhancements to the method below since the direct integration works now!

Manual VRBO Price Upload

Current Version:  Please note this extension works with all HomeAway family of websites including Vrbo. Download and install the PriceLabs VRBO Uploader from Chrome Store. You should see the PriceLabs icon appear at the top right of your browser like shown below

  1. Next go to your listing on PriceLabs and download the CSV for the listing after "Review Prices". In the CSV we are concerned with three columns

    Recommended Price
    Min Stay

    All three columns must have positive values or else we can't update, so make sure the min-stay column does not read -1 or show no value. If min-stay is missing, either enter their min-stay in the "Min Stay" column for all dates, or return to PriceLabs to set a full min-stay strategy and download a new CSV. If min-stay values are not in the CSV, the VRBO update will not be successful.
    If you are on a Mac we do not recommend opening or adjusting your CSV. If you must adjust your CSV on a Mac please be sure you are exporting your file as a CSV and not saving the file you have adjusted. 

  2. Make sure you are on the Vrbo's listing's calendar page (Ex: https://www.vrbo.com/pxcalendars/rates/LISTING-ID-HERE) to update rates and make sure correct property is chosen, see below. You must stay on this page while the extension is uploading or the upload will fail. 

  3. Next follow these steps to upload rates: Click on the PriceLabs extension icon and then the Initialize button

  4. Click the "Choose File" button that will appear in the extension popup window and select the most recent CSV of PriceLabs prices and min-stay requirements.

  5. Click "Upload rates and wait for the Rates Updated tile to appear to make sure the update was successful.

Once you see that rates have updated successfully, refresh your page to see new rates on your calendar. That's it! You have now successfully uploaded your PriceLabs pricing and min-stay requirements to your VRBO listing!

Possible errors

If you witness an error where after clicking the word 'Initialize', It's stuck and it's not going to the next step, following are the steps you can take to rectify that:
  1. Kindly click on 'Dashboard' of your VRBO page and then click on 'Calendar' and then 'Rates' and try uploading rates again by clicking on the extension.
  2. If this doesn't work, right click on the extension on the top bar and select 'Manage Extensions'. Then on the settings page that opens up, scroll down and make sure that the 'Permissions' tab is selected (screenshot below)

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