2023-09 (September) :🔥Don't Miss Out: Unveiling PriceLabs' Breakthrough Release

2023-09 (September) :🔥Don't Miss Out: Unveiling PriceLabs' Breakthrough Release


🎉  We're thrilled to announce our most significant upgrade: The Breakthrough Release 🚀 . This isn't just a step forward—it's a giant leap for hosts and hospitality pros, whether you’re managing 1 listing, 10 listings, 20 listings, or more.

Fueled by our cutting-edge data science and your user feedback , this Breakthrough Release marks a pivotal moment for us, our suite of products, and our community of users.

One of the key parts of this release is Hyper Local Pulse📍, our revolutionary dynamic pricing algorithm. With more than 20 other new features and tools  🛠️, we're pushing the boundaries of revenue management. Once again!

Discover our Breakthrough Release now

📣 Join us for our live online launch event 🚀, where we’ll detail these new features 🛠️, explain their benefits 🎁,  and answer your questions.On the event page, you'll see that one of the events is dedicated to hosts and conducted in English. We've tailored its content specifically for those managing fewer than 10 listings, providing clear guidance on which features should be their initial focus.


(Live webinar available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese )

5 highlights of the Breakthrough Release:

Hyper Local Pulse

Introducing Hyper Local Pulse (HLP), the re-engineered version of our dynamic pricing algorithm. HLP delivers a 26% increase in RevPAR (Revenue per Available Night), on average! HLP uses hyper-local comp sets, as evident from the name, along with state-of-the-art forecasting and revenue maximizing algorithms to deliver these results.

Performance Metrics

Quick decisions are key in revenue management. It's essential to rapidly spot underperforming listings and isolate the areas that need enhancement. Choose among our 40+ Performance Metrics the key indicators you want to monitor, get insights into your listings' performance, and take action.

Smart Presets

The user-friendly Smart Presets guide you in choosing essential customizations for your listings. The process is more efficient and gives you greater control over our algorithm.

Custom Comp Sets

Create market-wide or hyper-local Custom Comp Sets to benchmark your performance against competitors, thanks to more powerful filters. Select properties based on specifics like bedroom count and amenities. Use the same CompSets across in our products such as Market Dashboard, Neighborhood Data, and Portfolio Analytics for even more insights.

Calendar with Booking Data

Your Pricing Calendar has been updated to show both booking data and check-in dates, eliminating the need to switch between Airbnb, your PMS, and PriceLabs. With color-coded indicators, you can easily interpret blocked dates and assess demand, providing clear insights at a glance.

Want to read more? Explore our detailed article about our Breakthrough Release.

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