How to delete your PriceLabs account

Deleting your PriceLabs account

If you are looking to pause your subscription temporarily, please refer to this article: pausing your subscription

If however, you do not want to not use PriceLabs ever again and want us to remove your data:
  1. Please deactivate your listings by toggling off all sync switches

  2. Please download/copy any information you need from your account including previous invoice copies. Once account is deleted, these cannot be retrieved.
  3. Then send us an email at from the email id you use to log in to PriceLabs
  4. We'll delete you account after charging for any pending invoices.  Details for the amount due, billing cycle dates, and copies of invoices can be found on the billing page
While, we hope that you give us feedback regularly, any feedback that you can give us about why you're deleting your account or canceling subscription with us would be very helpful for us to improve our service.

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