Advanced display settings in PriceLabs

Advanced Settings

If you navigate to the Settings page from the Account menu and expand the option to show the Advance Settings, you'll see a few checkboxes that are designed to help out users with larger portfolios. 

1. Display full year calendar: When this box is checked, the full year navigation calendar is displayed at the bottom of usual "monthly" pricing calendar, and the calendar is hidden when the toggle is off (red). Displaying the full year calendar (screenshot below) can add 3 to 4 seconds when you review prices for a listing, so we recommend keeping it off to speed things up unless you use it frequently.

You will also find the option to show/hide this feature in Review Prices Calendar as seen below-

2. Review Prices and Manage Listings Filters: These settings are especially useful if you have 500+ listings in your account (we don't recommend turning them on if you have fewer, as they won't be as useful). When these checkboxes are selected, a series of filter options are displayed at the top of the Review Prices/Manage Listings page instead of your listings, allowing you to only load listings you choose using filters on the PMS, Group, Listing, Sync status, and Availability.

  1. To view all of your listings, simply click "Show listings" without selecting any filter criteria.
  2. To view a subset of listings, choose the right filters and click "Show listings".

  3. When this box is not checked, your listings display on your dashboard as usual.
3. Display Calendar Notes: A handy feature to let you add notes for your listings. This can be enabled on the Calendar Settings

4. Highlight Dates with Overrides: Use this to display different levels of date specific overrides (Group, Account and Listing level) on the pricing calendar with a black triangle mark on the top right corner of the date box. 

5. Smart Preset selection: You can select what kind of properties you have in your account and whether you have used Dynamic pricing before. This will help us recommend settings and customizations based on your selection.

6. Calendar Settings: You can select the first day of the pricing calendar from here.

7. Multi Calendar settings: 
  1. Number of Listings on Page: If you are a large user, you can select total number of listings which can be visible on the page at once.
  2. Maximum Number of Days:  You can control the maximum number of days for which the prices would be visible on Multi calendar page, through this setting.

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