Smart Presets

Smart Presets


Introducing the groundbreaking "Smart Presets" feature, a solution designed to alleviate the complexities of optimizing your listings. With a multitude of customizations available within the system, the process can be overwhelming for property owners and managers. Smart Presets addresses this challenge by offering tailored customizations based on property type and dynamic pricing comfort levels. This innovative tool streamlines the customization process, allowing users to effortlessly enhance their listings.

Smart Presets offer customizations tips to help configure different property types and preferences. This not only saves time but also provides a competitive edge through informed decision-making. 

How it works?

For the initial setup, once you add your listings to PriceLabs, the Smart Presets pop up message will appear and allow you to choose your property type and whether you've tried dynamic pricing previously.

  1. Select "Yes" or "No" on whether you have already tried dynamic pricing previously
  2. For the Property type,  you can select all applicable types for your listings:
    1. Short-Term Rentals
    2. Mid-Term Rentals
    3. Multi-Unit Rentals
  3. If you select Multi-Unit Rentals, you can select the type of multi-unit properties you have:
    1. Serviced Apartments & Apartment-hotels
    2. Independent Hotels
    3. Group Hotels
    4. Hostels
    5. Campgrounds, RV Parks, or Holiday Parks
Once the selection has been confirmed, the pop-up window will no longer appear again for you but you can change them later from Settings > Advanced Settings.

To access the Smart Presets, just go to any of your preferred level of Customizations, then click the "Smart Presets" tab. From here you'll see the list of suggested customizations we have with your selected preferences.

And to give you a better idea on how you can utilize the suggested customizations, just hover your mouse on the  button.

  1. You can still access the other customizations tab by clicking "More Customizations" or the arrow beside it
  2. If you prefer to keep the More Customizations tabs open automatically, just click the  button

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