Creating a Revenue Estimate

Creating a Revenue Estimate

You can create an Estimate by following these steps: 

Step 1: Head over to the Revenue Estimator homepage by clicking on Market Research from the top banner and selecting Revenue Estimator Pro

Step 2: Purchase tokens using the Add Tokens button. Skip this step if you already have available tokens.
Each token costs USD $2.00 and a minimum of 5 tokens is required to proceed with the purchase. 

Step 3: Click +Create New Estimate button. Enter the name of the estimate and the Address. Then select the bedroom category and the currency that will be used for the estimate. Click Continue.

Step 4: The entered address will be pinned on the map, and we will display the number of listings that is fetched based on your criteria. Verify the location and the details, then click Create Estimate to complete the process. A new tab will open and you will be redirected to the Estimate view of your newly created estimate. 

The Estimate's Address, Bedroom category, and Currency can no longer be edited once the Estimate is created. 

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