How to change your PriceLabs login information

Changing or Updating Your Email Address and Password in PriceLabs

You can change the email address associated with your PriceLabs account at any time. You may want to do this if you don't have access to the email id with which the account was originally created, or if your company name/domain has changed. 

Simply log in to your PriceLabs account and go to the Settings page from the Account menu.

Please follow the steps below to update you Email Id and password for your account.

To update your Email Id

  • Login to your account with Email using your password.

  • Go into settings >> Profile settings 

  • Put a new Email Id you want under User Email section.

  • Put your password under current password section.

  • click on update changes.

If it still gives error try adding your phone number under 'phone number' section and click on update changes.

To update your password

  • Login to your account with Email using your password.

  • Go into settings >> Profile settings 

  • Put your current password and beside it you need to add your new password and confirm it.

  • Once this is done click on update changes.

Changing password If you have forgotten your password

  • Please logout from PriceLabs

  • While entering your credentials click on forgot password

  • Enter your Email id.

  • You will then receive a reset password link on your email Id.

  • Change your password.

Do note that all of our communications are sent to the email id that is used with PriceLabs account. 

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