How to import Airbnb listings using the Google Chrome extension

How to import Airbnb listings using the Google Chrome extension

If you are new PriceLabs customer looking to connect your Airbnb listings to PriceLabs or an existing customer who has recently changed their Airbnb password - the steps below will help you connect PriceLabs to Airbnb.

Step 0: Remove the older PriceLabs Extension

If you have not installed PriceLabs extension before, skip to step 2. If you have a previous version of PriceLabs' chrome extension installed, please remove it. The latest version is

Step 1: Installing Chrome Extension

Install the extension from the Chrome Webstore by clicking here. Note this extension works for all chromium based browsers - Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave etc. This extension does not work on Safari or mobile browsers.

Step 2: Pin the PriceLabs extension for easy access!

Click the "puzzle"  icon. You'll find it in the right top corner of the screen. Pin the extension for easy access in future.

Step 3: Connect to Airbnb

Click the PriceLabs app that is now pinned on the right top corner of your browser. Now enter your "Airbnb" email and password. Do not enter your PriceLabs email and password, here you need to enter your Airbnb email and password. We will establish a connection between PriceLabs and Airbnb.

Step 4:  Import to PriceLabs

Now on the app you will see the text along with the button "Import to PriceLabs". 
Some users will need to verify their Airbnb access before importing to PriceLabs. In this case, you will see a screen with "Verify" and "Continue" button. Click the "Verify" button, a new tab will open and Airbnb will authenticate your access. Once that page completely loads, click the "PriceLabs app" in the top right corner again, and click "Continue" button. Follow the prompts to receive a code for verifying your Airbnb connection.
Don't click "Import to PriceLabs" button while on Airbnb page. Open PriceLabs review prices page in a new tab, then click the PriceLabs app from the top right corner and then click "Import to PriceLabs" button. 

Step 5: Success!

It'll take a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the number of listings you are adding), but after that you'll see a success check mark on the app and the PriceLabs page behind will refresh. 

Step 6: Update your prices

  1. If you are a new customer, we recommend attending our trainings!
  2. If you are an existing customer and your listings were not syncing because you recently changed your Airbnb password. You can now click "review prices" button for your Airbnb properties and then click "Sync now" to sync your listings! Wait a few minutes, refresh your page and you'll see that your listings have started syncing again.

If this doesn't work, please reach out to us and we can help you with the setup.
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