How to connect PriceLabs to Airbnb

How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

First things first, if you use a PMS (Property management system) or a Channel Manager, do note that you'll need to integrate Pricelabs with your PMS, and NOT directly with Airbnb/Vrbo. When using a PMS, the flow of data goes from Pricelabs -> PMS -> Airbnb/VRBO/other channels.

PriceLabs will send rates and minimum stay requirements, along with check-in restrictions, to Airbnb listings for next 540 days (see our article here on extending your pricing calendar beyond that point).

You can connect as either a host, or a co-host but a listing can only be managed from one PriceLabs account, you must submit a support ticket to have a listing transferred between PriceLabs accounts.

Weekly and monthly discounts, check-out restrictions, and maximum stay length are not set by PriceLabs for Airbnb listings, they must be managed through Airbnb. 

Before connecting

Creating an Airbnb Password

If you usually log in to Airbnb using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, you'll need create an Airbnb password to integrate your account with PriceLabs. See this help article for how to create an Airbnb password.

PMS connection:

If you used a PMS in the past, make sure it is no longer connected to your Airbnb account. You can check this on Airbnb, in accounts - privacy & sharing - Services. Do note that if you are integrating Pricelabs with your Airbnb account, you should remove the connection between Airbnb and the PMS you previously used. If you are still using a PMS, you should connect Pricelabs with your PMS, and NOT directly with Airbnb, otherwise you might run into issues.

Importing Airbnb listings into PriceLabs

Before getting started make sure the listings you are trying to connect are live and bookable on Airbnb. Listings that are snoozed, have no availability, or have just been created can not be imported into PriceLabs. See our note below on importing listings that have just been created on Airbnb. 

In order to connect PriceLabs to Airbnb, please follow the steps mentioned in this article. Please note that in order to connect PriceLabs to Airbnb, you will need to be on a laptop or a computer with Chrome (or edge, or brave) browser.

Adding new Airbnb listings

To add new Airbnb listings in to your PriceLabs account, kindly follow the steps mentioned above. Do note that it can take up to 24 hours for a new listing to be added to Airbnb's API. Please wait 24 hours after creating a new listing before attempting to import it into PriceLabs. If you have trouble importing a new listing after that 24-hour period, please submit a support ticket. 

Airbnb integration FAQ's

Having challenges with your Airbnb connection or unsure why some of the things are not working? Our team has put together a useful set of FAQs to help you troubleshoot

Using PriceLabs for Airbnb and Vrbo

If you are connecting Pricelabs with Airbnb and VRBO, make sure you go through this Guide for using both Airbnb and VRBO with PriceLabs

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