Adjacent Days Factor

Adjacent Factor Customization

Adjacent factor Customization can help encourage or discourage back to back bookings.
Example : If you add a discount, it is more likely to book and therefore prevent gaps nights. If a small company operationally has a hard time handling same-day turns, then a premium can help discourage back to back bookings or at least bring in more revenue that could help with operational costs.

The Adjacent Factor customization will adjust the rate for the selected number of days before and after a booking. Please note that rates will only be adjusted the next time a sync happens after a booking is made. So if a reservation is made in the early morning, this customization might not be applied until the next time prices sync automatically overnight however, adjusted rates will push anytime a manual sync is done after a reservation is made. While a premium can be put in place so that adjacent days are less attractive to guests, there's no guarantee that guests won't book these days, and your regular listing maximum will still be in effect (though that can be adjusted with Date Specific Overrides). 

This customization is available under  "Advanced Customizations" as seen in the above screenshot.

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