Account Logs: Track settings changes made in your account

Account Logs: Track settings changes made in your account

If you want to understand the changes in your customizations and pinpoint the specific time and date when the settings were changed or applied, you can refer to your account logs.

You can search the logs at listing, group and account levels. You can track your actions here for Market Dashboards and Revenue Estimator Pro as well.

To access logs, click on your account and then select "Logs" option. Here is a direct link to this page.

From the Logs page, you can easily filter the data that you'd like to see along with the specific date range. 

How to use the logs filter?
  1. Choose a view. From this dropdown, you can select the data you'd like to see: Customizations Level (listing, group, or account), Market Dashboard, Pricing or Min Stay Profiles, or Revenue Estimator Pro. 
  2. Select Date Range. By default, the day range applied is for the last 30 days.
  3. Select the specific Customizations Level (listing, group, or account), Market Dashboard, Pricing or Min Stay Profiles, or Revenue Estimator Pro based on the view you've chosen. If you don't select any, then all data from your chosen view will be pulled up.
  4. Select Actions. This allows you to only see the specific action or change that you'd like to view. For example, you only want to see all the DSOs applied to your listing, then you can select the "Added Dates Specific Override" action.
  5. Select Team Members. This option makes it easier to view only the actions made by a specific team member.
  6. Once done, then just click "Show Logs".

Note: The Date and Time on the logs follow the date and time set on your device.

Download CSV:

This option allows you to download the logs you selected from the filter to a CSV file.

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