PriceLabs wins Shortyz + Nudges, Orphan Day Gap Filler & Upgraded Filters

2023-05 ( May) : PriceLabs wins Shortyz + Nudges, Orphan Day Gap Filler & Upgraded Filters


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PriceLabs Wins Shortyz 2023 Award - Thanks to You!

We're excited to share that PriceLabs won the Best Ancillary Service Provider Award at the 2023 Shortyz ceremony! Your votes and support made it possible.

Our Base Price Help tool and Minimum Stay Recommendation Engine were recognized for their innovative use of Machine Learning. We couldn't have achieved this without you, and we're deeply grateful for your support and your votes.

We're committed to continuous innovation and providing the best experience for you.

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This month’s product updates:
PriceLabs Unveils Nudges Framework, Orphan Day Gap Filler & Enhanced Listing Filters

You will find a summary of our updates below. If you want more information, you can do the following two things:

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PriceLabs's Game-Changing Nudges Framework - Introducing the Base Price nudge

Discover the power of Nudges, an innovation designed to transform your revenue management experience. Our proactive Nudges framework delivers customized recommendations, saving you time and optimizing your pricing strategies for higher occupancy and revenue, especially if you manage a large portfolio of listings.

With our brand new Base Price nudge, you'll receive prompts when a listing's Base Price needs adjustment, enabling you to realign with market conditions and boost your competitiveness. Unleash the potential of this game-changing tool by logging into PriceLabs today, checking your Pricing Dashboard and taking advantage of the benefits awaiting your attention.

base price
Go your Pricing Dashboard and check for Base Price nudges

Boost Your Bookings with the Orphan Day Gap Filler

Orphan days, the unbooked days between two reservations, pose a challenge for short-term rental managers and hosts as they can lead to lost revenue. To tackle this issue, we're introducing the Orphan Day Gap Filler, a game-changing feature in PriceLabs that simplifies orphan day pricing management.

With this innovative tool, you can create multiple customized pricing rules based on the duration of the gap and the applicable time range. In addition to complementing the already fairly flexible Min Stay gap filler, this feature offers even more versatility in managing your property. By optimizing pricing strategies for varying gap lengths, guest preferences, and booking patterns, you can minimize vacancy periods and maximize your revenue. Say goodbye to vacant days and increase your profitability with the Orphan Day Gap Filler.

orphan gaps
Update your Customizations to fill in your Orphan Days

Experience Time Savings and Boost Your Productivity with PriceLabs' User-Friendly Listing Filters

PriceLabs offers improved listing filters to help you easily navigate key pages like Review Prices, Multi-Calendar View, Portfolio Analytics, and Manage Listings. These upgrades make the filters more powerful and simple to use. With these new filters, you can easily sort based on specific details, find what you need quickly, and save this view for later.

Read our detailed article about all our product updates

PriceLabs Integrates with Hosty

PriceLabs now integrates with a new Property Management Systems (PMSs): Hosty, allowing its users to harness powerful dynamic pricing and revenue management alongside seamless functionality.

Unlock PriceLabs' Full Potential during Live Training Sessions

Did you know PriceLabs offers free live training and group onboarding sessions every weekday? So whether you're a beginner or a pro, and regardless of whether you speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese, we have a training session for you. Check out their schedule and register today.

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video of Terry White

Industry maven Terry White reveals why PriceLabs became his top choice for dynamic pricing after testing five tools.

Learn why he advises against inflating prices and likes how PriceLabs matches demand patterns. Terry also shares how the 'health score' feature helps him quickly identify and address underperforming listings.

Watch the video

Continuing our New Article Series: PriceLabs Users Turned Solutions Consultants

Discover our new article series featuring PriceLabs Solutions Consultants who started as users. Learn about their experiences, favorite features, and unique perspectives on using our platform. Get inspired by their personal stories and insights.

Book Alert: Profitable Properties by Daniel Rusteen

"Profitable Properties" by PriceLabs user Daniel Rusteen is a comprehensive guide for the vacation rental industry, emphasizing pricing strategies and revenue management. The book covers market analysis, online visibility, offline hospitality, and direct bookings, providing valuable insights to maximize occupancy and profitability in the vacation rental business.
Get the book now on Amazon.

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