2023-02 ( February) : 11 new features for Refined Recommendations, Actionable Data and Faster Execution

2023-02 ( February) : 11 new features for Refined Recommendations, Actionable Data and Faster Execution


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This month, we are thrilled to share with you another series of industry-leading updates, already available in your PriceLabs account, and at no additional cost to you.

With these updates, it's never been easier to get relevant pricing recommendations, access insightful data, and update multiple listings simultaneously.

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11 New Cutting-Edge Features for Refined Recommendations, Data Insights and Faster Execution

Refined Dynamic Pricing recommendations

1. More Pacing Data in our Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

Pacing data helps our algorithm adapt more quickly to changes in your market compared to the previous year, based on recent and upcoming booking data. We are now using more pacing data use to ensure your listing prices always remain competitive.

2. Updated Base Price Help

Take a look at the results for your listing of 'Base Price Help', our industry-first tool. We've recently incorporated more future trends into our pricing, so you want to check whether our Base Price recommendation has changed for you.

3. Smoothing and Rounding

Offer rates that end in certain figures like -9 or -0 to give travelers attractive prices (rounding) or create uniform pricing across multiple nights, for instance, for two weekend nights (smoothing).

Actionable Data Insights to Shape Your Pricing Strategy

4. Improved Price Tooltip Helps You Understand How We Calculated Each Price in Your Calendar

We've made it easier to understand the nightly listing price calculation - just hover over the price in your calendar and a tooltip will appear, displaying how much each factor (like demand in your market or customizations) impacts the pricing.

5. Pacing Curves and Data Added to Neighborhood Data, Portfolio Analytics, and Market Dashboards

Easily identify whether your listings, local competitors, or an entire market are slowing down or speeding up compared to last year. Keep track of rates, occupancy, and reservations on forthcoming dates straight from each of our industry-leading tools, Market Dashboards, Portfolio Analytics, and Neighborhood Data – all at no added cost.

6. Portfolio Analytics Now Available Within iPro and HelpMeBook

Our Portfolio Analytics product is now available within iPro and HelpMeBook. Gain an in-depth understanding of your property portfolio performance by analyzing it from your PMS.

Faster execution: More time for you when managing multiple properties

7. Speed Up Your Workflow with Our Redesigned Bulk Editing Features

We've made bulk editing on our "Manage Listings" page faster and easier to read. Now, you can visually assign tags, hide/unhide, and assign groups to multiple listings together - along with added ways to manage mapped listings

8. Multi-Calendar Page Redesign: Get Things Done Faster and Smarter

Our Multi-Calendar page has recently undergone a major redesign, making it easier than ever to manage and customize multiple listings. In one location, you can select several properties and perform bulk actions like save & refresh, sync now, and update overrides. You can also directly update tags on the page. Plus, our “Base Price Help” and “Neighborhood Data” tools are visible directly on the page. Bonus: We’ve also made the page load faster, to save you extra time.

9. A Faster and Smoother Price Review Flow

Navigating the Pricing Dashboard is now a breeze. Just hit the Review Prices button for any listing, and the review price screen will load right away - no more scrolling through your whole list. We've also added new features to the review page screen, such as listing tags and easier navigation to other listings. Get ready to experience a smoother and faster workflow!

10. Your Invoices Now Arrive Directly In Your Inbox

No more logging in for invoices. With our new feature, all invoices will be automatically attached to your monthly billing email - streamlining the process and saving you time.

11. Customize Reports with Your Logo

Our Market Dashboards and Portfolio Analytics products now feature customizable PDF reports. This new feature allows you to customize your PDFs with your own company logo, helping to bolster your brand recognition and showcase what you do.

For a more detailed overview of these features, read this article on our blog.

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