2022-10 (October): Updated Mapping Feature, Key Graphs in Portfolio Analytics and New Integration with RentalReady and Apaleo

2022-10 (October): Updated Mapping Feature, Key Graphs in Portfolio Analytics and New Integration with RentalReady and Apaleo

Discover Mapping, a key feature that helps you pair up your listings, even without a PMS, so that you can save time and money, and avoid mistakes

How Mapping is saving you time and money

  • Mapping helps you maintain rate parity between similar listings.

  • It allows you to set the min/base/max prices, and date-specific customizations on a parent listing, and they will be copied over to the child listing(s).

  • Once you’ve mapped listings together, a reduced rate will apply so we won’t double charge you. We will charge only 1$ extra for the child listing.

Use case #1: You want to pair up your Airbnb and Vrbo listings through PriceLabs without using a PMS

If you are using PriceLabs to update prices and minimum stays for a listing on two channels (say Airbnb and VRBO), you would want the two channels to have similar rates for your listing. Also, you don't want to double the effort required to maintain pricing for both properties. Discover how here.

Use case #2: You want to pair up multi-unit listings through PriceLabs even if your PMS does not support this configuration

If you have multiple units that are similar to each other, but your PMS does not support multi-unit functionality, PriceLabs lets you map those listings so that you don’t miss out on ease of use and lower costs. Discover how here.

Use case #3: You are moving from one PMS to another

If you are moving from one PMS to another, it can become cumbersome and difficult to move the settings for all your listings to the new PMS. With PriceLabs, you can easily copy settings between the PMS in a few steps and save a lot of time while reducing the chances of error. Discover how here.

Product update: Our Mapping feature now makes it faster for you to pair up multiple listing at once🕰️

With our updated mapping feature, you can now pair multiple child listings to the parent listings at one go instead of selecting each child listing separately!🤯

Find this option on your Review Prices and Manage Listings pages and select the listings you want to pair to the parent listing.

Log into your PriceLabs account to map your listings

🆕 Key graphs in Portfolio Analytics now capture up to 2 years of your listings' past performance 

PriceLabs’ Portfolio Analytics is a free-to-use tool to track the performance of your listings against the market. The health indicators and various trend graphs help you:

☑️ Identify underperforming listings,
☑️ Compare your listings’ performance against the market, and
☑️ Inform your revenue strategy accordingly.

Amongst the many useful graphs is the one that helps you understand the Length Of Stay (LOS) and Booking Window patterns for your listings. We’ve just improved this graph: In the previous version, we showed you data for the last 30 days. Now, you can compare patterns for up to two years in the past.

Log into your PriceLabs account to see your listing performance graphs

Our integrations list is growing: RentalReady and Apaleo

If you use RentalReady or Apaleo as your PMS, PriceLabs is now integrated with them, so you can start enjoying its intelligence by connecting your PMS with us today.

P.S.: We integrate with 70+ PMS; you can find the list here.

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