2021-11 (November) : Managing Your Listings Day to Day

2021-11 (November) : Managing Your Listings Day to Day

We've recently introduced new tools for quickly analyzing listing and market performance to save you time and take the guesswork out of pricing. We’ll be hosting webinars all month to show you around our updated dashboards and help you manage your listings more effectively. 

Read on to learn more about what we’ve been working on in the meantime.

Listing Health Indicators

Hover over our reimagined listing health indicators to see how each listing’s occupancy compares to similar listings in the market. Use the color coding to see which listings are outpacing or underperforming the market at a glance.
Portfolio Analytics

Key Performance Indicators
You can now easily compare your portfolio’s most important performance metrics across different time periods. Whether you want to compare trends week over week or see the impact of adjusting your pricing strategy, our new date range selectors make this easy.

Listing Level Metrics
We’ve made listing level metrics even more powerful with new dropdown options and custom color coding to see how your listings are doing at a glance.
  • Compare each listing’s occupancy to its neighborhood’s
  • Color code listings by group, number of bedrooms, or city to find trends in your performance
Market Data

Exportable Market Dashboard Reports
Wow potential clients and help team meetings run more smoothly with our redesigned PDF reports. All Market Dashboards can now be exported into a beautiful report by clicking "Generate PDF" at the bottom of the page.
Neighborhood Data Improvements
  • You can now compare your rates against the 75-90th percentile of prices in your area. This is extremely helpful if you're managing high end listings.
  • Curious which listings you're being compared to? Click on any dot on the map to see each listing's Airbnb page.