2021-08 (August) : Market Dashboard Improvements, VRBO and Hotel Data

2021-08 (August) : Market Dashboard Improvements, VRBO and Hotel Data

It’s time for another product update! This month we doubled down on data with a focus on tracking more of your competitors across multiple channels.

Read on to learn how you can now use VRBO and hotel data to price your listings, and see changes we've made to help you track more listings across larger markets in Market Dashboards.

Dynamic Pricing

VRBO data
After 2+ years of tracking VRBO booking trends, we are finally ready to put them to work! You can now opt in to have VRBO data drive your dynamic pricing recommendations. If you are in a VRBO heavy market with little Airbnb activity, reach out to our team to see if VRBO data might be right for you.

In the extensive testing we've done, changing the data sources to VRBO rarely leads to significant changes in pricing recommendations since we currently track all bookings made for Airbnb listings, regardless of what platform the guest booked on.
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Hotel data
Running an apart-hotel or serviced apartment and curious how your rates compare to hotels in the area? We can now display the nightly rates of up to 10 nearby hotels in the Neighborhood Data dashboard.
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Faster load speeds
Brand new listings and listings that have been dormant for a while now refresh rates significantly faster.
Market Dashboards

50km radius
Market Dashboards just got a whole lot bigger. Already subscribed to a dashboard for your area? Increase its radius by clicking the pencil icon on the Market Dashboards page.
5000 listings per dashboard
Larger dashboards enable you to monitor booking trends for entire cities, or specific types of listings in broader geographies. Pair these dashboards with comp-sets to view hyper specific data from entire markets for just $19.99/mo (USD). Our standard dashboard which track up to 1000 listings are still available for $9.99/mo (USD).
Pre-filter dashboards by bedroom count
You can now pre-filter listings by bedroom count when creating Market Dashboards, letting you track more of your competitors, and limit clutter from listings you don't compete against.
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Compare booking trends by bedroom count
Easily identify how much revenue to expect from different listings, and review booking trends for the market at a glance. In the example below, 3BR listings make drastically more revenue than smaller properties and tend to get booked further in advance.

Open API
Our new Open API allows any user, PMS, or Channel Manager to interface directly with PriceLabs. Customers use our API to update rates on direct booking sites, export data for additional analysis, and automate pricing adjustments based on custom rules. Find the full documentation here.
New Portfolio Analytics Integrations
Portfolio Analytics now integrates with 35 PMS. This month we added integrations with EviivoLodgixStays, and SuperControl. Find the full list of integrations here.
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