2021-06 (June) : 📣 Base Price Recommendations & Enhanced Portfolio Analytics

2021-06 (June) : 📣 Base Price Recommendations & Enhanced Portfolio Analytics

As we approach the strongest summer season for vacation destinations in history, you'll be happy to know our team has been hard at work on product updates meant to help you set the perfect price and validate your portfolio's performance! Read on to make sure you aren't leaving money on the table.

Also… we’re hiring! Check out the list of fully remote positions on our careers page if you're interested in putting your PriceLabs knowledge to work and helping us grow the platform.
Updates to Dynamic Pricing
Helping you set the right Base Price
Our new base price help tool makes it easy to set a base price based on how similar listings in your market are priced. The tool also recommends adjustments to your base price over time by tracking your performance against the market. If you’re priced too high or low, we’ll let you know.
Keeping up with increasing demand year to year
We recently introduced a Pacing Factor to help keep up with markets which are seeing stronger demand than usual. The pacing factor tracks demand for future dates in your market, and compares it with demand for the same period in prior years. Simply put, if we see more bookings in your area than we have historically, we’ll automatically increase rates. 
Portfolio Analytics Enhancements
Our Portfolio Analytics tool recently received a huge facelift, making it easier than ever to track year-over-year booking trends and gain actionable insights on current listing performance at a glance. We'll be sending out educational content on what trends every revenue manager should be tracking shortly.

In the meantime, use this tool to:
  • Track monthly, weekly, and daily trends for future and historic years
  • Compare metrics like occupancy and days since last booking to identify listings that might need attention
  • Identify day of week, length of stay, and lead time trends to see how your bookings compare to the market
Review your booking trends now
Portfolio Analytics is now available for free for 30+ PMSs, including Airbnb on request. Find the full list here or reach out to enable Airbnb analytics for your account.
We are excited to announce our newest integrations with these awesome partners!
Bedloop | Brightside | FNS Rooms | Hospiria | Newbook
Find the full list of integrations here
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