2021-03( March) : 📣 Create Custom Comp Sets & Direct VRBO Integration! ✨

2021-03 (March) : 📣 Create Custom Comp Sets & Direct VRBO Integration! ✨

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2021, our team has been working hard across various frontiers, and in the newsletter below, we'll cover major product changes! Most notable changes (1) You can now create custom comp sets in Market Dashboards! (2) We now have a direct integration to VRBO (bye-bye manual price uploads)!  
Last April, we had introduced Market Dashboards (see announcement newsletter here)We are overwhelmed with the response we have received. Owners & Property Managers have created thousands of dashboards to track their local markets.

What's unique about dashboards?
They are hyper-local. You specify the address, the radius and we give you the data (not some zip code)! Oh, and they refresh every day!

Now we are taking this up a notch and adding the ability to create Custom Comp Sets in Market Dashboards!
What are comp sets?
You can create comp sets by selecting a list of properties with features and characteristics. You can use comp sets to understand trends of properties similar to your property.
We have also given the Market dashboard an uplift and added a few things.

What else is new in the dashboard?
 Estimated Revenue by Month (for your market and comp set)
 Last 30 day KPI's (for your market and comp set)
 Mobile responsive
Take me to my dashboard
See detailed help documentation here

Tell us what you think about Market Dashboards by responding to this email!
VRBO Integration
This is probably one of our most awaited integrations, especially if you are an owner who isn't using a PMS or channel manager. 

You can now use PriceLabs to send rates directly to VRBO.

Yes, no more of that manual CSV upload! Connect your property, adjust settings and turn on the sync. We'll update prices to VRBO every 24 hours!
See documentation on how to connect
Watch the Youtube video
We also added direct integration to following PMS:


Using Market Data to adjust pricing strategies in 2021

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