2021-09 (September) : Pricelabs reimagined is here and its brought some friends

2021-09 (September) : Pricelabs reimagined is here and its brought some friends

If you had seen our announcement from two weeks ago, you are probably already anticipating the New UI release. But we are excited to introduce not one, or two but three new releases with this email!

PriceLabs Reimagined

We are working on improving the product interface to make it more pleasing, adjustable to add more capabilities, and more responsive. We have launched several pages with the new interface and will be upgrading the remaining in the coming weeks!

Timed Sync

Many of you want to select the time when we should update prices. We have now introduced this capability! Choose the time you want to sync! We have also added an Add-on where you can select additional times and auto-refresh your prices up to 3 times a day. Read more here.

18 Month Pricing

This year was odd where we saw shortened booking windows but also bookings happening outside of 12 months! Now, by default, we can push prices up to 18 months in advance. This is already active for most new accounts and for all old accounts, we'd be activating in the next 2 weeks.
See PriceLabs in Action
Coming next week
Performance Metrics: If you use PriceLabs, you are probably familiar with the 7, 30, 60-day metrics! Well, we are making it powerful - now it's rated not based on your performance but also factors in the market. We'll be releasing this early next week. Please note that this might change how you manage some processes today.
Read more here.
Coming soon
Advanced customizations: There are a plethora of customizations that we have in the backend (think secret restaurant menu) that we'd be bringing to the front end. The new UI allows us to do this.

Coming soon
Min stay advancements: More layers than far out and super far out. Ability to get granular by weekday/weekend.
VRBO data for Dynamic Pricing: If you are in a VRBO heavy market with little Airbnb activity, reach out to our team. We can use VRBO data instead of Airbnb for Dynamic Pricing. More here.

Hotel data: Running an apart-hotel or serviced apartment and curious how your rates compare to hotels in the area? We can now display the nightly rates of up to 10 nearby hotels in the Neighborhood Data dashboard. Send us an email!

Open API: Now anyone can connect. Ask your PMS today about PriceLabs. Find the full documentation here.
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