2020-12 (December): Introducing portfolio analytics and other changes!

2020-12 (December): Introducing portfolio analytics and other changes!



With Portfolio Analytics, you get a real-time reporting system that allows you to spot insights and trends from your reservation history! It pulls data from your PMS into easy to understand graphs!

So now you can stop juggling with an excel (or BI tool) to figure out what's happening with your listings and get all the details with one single click!




Why should I use Portfolio Analytics?
❇️ Get an executive summary of how your business is doing.
❇️ No messing around with excel or any other tools. It's just a click of a button.
❇️ See yearly, monthly & even daily trends for your properties.
❇️ Identify underperforming listings in your portfolio.
❇️ Inform your pricing strategy.
❇️ Compare your portfolio against market comps.

See detailed help documentation here


Available with following PMSs: Avantio, BookingSync, Direct, Guesty, Hostfully, Kross Booking, Lodgify, Ownerrez, Smoobu, Streamline, Track. Adding more soon! 

If you'd like to see analytics for your PMS, please send us an email!






When you hover over the pricing calendar (single listing or multi-calendar), you will see a revised tooltip! These can help you understand how every rate in your calendar is calculated!



Why should I care?
These new tooltips give you a more nuanced understanding of how each day is getting priced.

See how neighborhood demand and market factors impact your rates.
Understand the impact of your price customizations on daily rates.
Compare your rates against Uncustomized Price (undiscounted rate based on neighborhood demand and factors).
Compare your rates against Price with default discounts (calculated using PriceLabs' default customizations).

 Want to go a step further? Check out neighborhood data from our November product announcement.





Revised Market Dashboards

  • See the specific Airbnb listings we are tracking. Under the location map, you'll see a listing id with the table. Click the listing id to go to the Airbnb page of the listing.
  • Track supply changes in your market with a new line on New Bookings Graph.
  • Easier to read layout with larger graphs!
  • They load faster, and no more clicking between tabs!
  • Sending these to owners or in proposals? Now the PDFs print one graph per page!

There are many more changes in graphs and usability. Check-out Market Dashboard for your area today! 


Send rates to your custom PMS using our API
Looking to send rates to your custom PMS or booking engine? You can now do that with PriceLabs API. Go to the account settings page, click "API Details," and enable the API access.

For more details, please read this API help documentation. API usage has an additional cost of USD 1/listing/month.


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