2020-11 (November): Revamped Listing Neighborhood Data & Multi-unit support

2020-11 (November): Revamped Listing Neighborhood Data & Multi-unit support

New Neighborhood Data Tab!

This replaces the old "base price help" and "calendar" tabs.

With this data, you can now answer questions like:
1. What price are your comps charging?
2. How do your prices compare to other listings in your area?
3. Is anyone around you getting bookings?
4. Are others increasing prices for peak demand?
And many more. Read our help documentation to understand how to use this feature.

Multi-unit support for Aparthotels & Serviced apartments!

Over the last two years, we’ve seen more and more Boutique hotels, Apart-hotels, Resorts & Guesthouses use PriceLabs, so we’ve built functionality to better cater to them. For simplicity, we’ll call these multi-unit accommodations.

We support multi-unit accommodations with the following PMS: Avantio, Beds24, BetterHotel, Elina PMS, KrossBooking, Lavanda, Lodgify, Mews, MyVR, NewBook, Octorate, RedAwning, YnnovBooking, Zeevou. If your PMS doesn't support multi-unit, this can be set-up in PriceLabs. Reach out to the support team on how to do this.

Read this article for multi-unit accommodation pricing using PriceLabs!

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