2020-04 (April): Market Dashboard Launch

2020-04 (April): Market Dashboard Launch

Short term rental markets are dynamic & in the wake of Covid-19, more volatile than ever. The ongoing crisis has not only had an impact on demand, but supply is changing too.

These fully-automated personalized dashboards track your location’s STR booking data & translate it into easy to digest graphs & insights. Use these dashboards to spot anomalies in the market, analyze what other STRs are doing, or simply benchmark your performance against the market.

We have credited all existing & new accounts with 5 free dashboards that refresh daily till Jun 30 to help you figure out what is happening in your market as we hopefully start seeing signs of recovery.
"The Market Dashboard offers concise insights into current trends. It is of great value for us as a newcomer, especially in these challenging and volatile times surrounding Covid-19. I also loved the clean look and selection options!"
- Heritage Boutique Apartments

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If you are not a PriceLabs user create an account to access the free Market Dashboards
This 5-min video shows how to create a new Market Dashboard and how to interpret the data that is presented.
If you prefer reading to watching a video, here are the  
Trends tracked in the Dashboards
 Future Occupancy, Bookings and Cancellations 
Track current occupancy for future dates, and changes in occupancy from bookings and cancellations made in the past week.
 Future Prices 
See how prices for future dates are being set in the area including our estimation of booked prices in the area.
 New Bookings 
See how many new bookings were made on each date during the prior week.
 Lead Time 
Track how far in advance are guests making the reservations for while booking.
 Length of Stay 
Track the length of stay (LOS) distribution of bookings that are coming in.
These dashboard metrics refresh daily and will be available for free till June 30, 2020.
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