2020-03 (March): Coronavirus Occupancy Based Adjustment

2020-03 (March): Coronavirus Occupancy Based Adjustment

We have developed a new Occupancy Based Adjustment profile with aggressive discounts to try & generate bookings during the low demand period. Several markets are experiencing low demand over the next two months and this setting will try to improve the bookability of your listing by gradually lowering rates based on each listing’s occupancy. 

The other uncertainty that all of us are in is when we will come out of the low demand period. There has been some discussion that by May/June - we should start seeing demand rise. Thus, this profile only affects dates in the next 60 days and the dates outside of 60 day continue to follow our market-based pricing model.

Word of caution, while using this setting, please do set your minimum rates for all listings to ensure that rates never drop too low.

The following video explains this customization in more detail and goes over the following:
  • Enabling the customization for individual listings and all listings in bulk
  • Determining how low to set your minimum price
  • Setting a lower minimum price for the next two months
(Click image to play video)
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