2020-06 (June): [New Features] Multi Calendar + Many More Enhancements!

2020-06 (June): [New Features] Multi Calendar + Many More Enhancements!

New Feature: Multicalendar!!

The name gives it away! But for those who aren't familiar, this functionality allows users to manage rates and minimum stay for all listings from one page.

Visualize pricing for multiple listings to identify any patterns and adds efficiency to your workflow while adjusting prices.
Seriously though, this thing makes pricing fast… like ‘Save and Refresh’ multiple listings at once, fast!!

Play with Multicalendar  >>

For more information, see the article here, or watch our video!

Other Enhancements!

 Updates to Calendar View 

1. Sync Prices Toggle: Turn the toggle on/off directly from the pricing calendar.
2. Base Price Help: This powerful tool has its own tab now!
3. 🌙: We added moons next to minimum night requirements to make them more visible. 

Creating & Adjusting Existing Date Overrides

With our new date selector, you no longer need to delete pricing overrides to adjust their dates!

The Old Way

  • Select an existing override
  • Delete it
  • Select new dates
  • Re-Input all adjustments
  • Save

The New Way

  • Select an existing override
  • Select new dates
  • Save


Customizations - Clone Groups 

Groups make it easy to manage customizations across a similar set of listings, particularly if you have many listings. The new ‘Clone Group’ button lets you duplicate existing customization groups. Use it to apply existing customizations and overrides to new properties in your portfolio.

You can find this on the customizations page.
Here is a help article on how & when to use group customization.

Occupancy Based Adjustment - Unlimited date ranges

You can now add an unlimited number of date range columns to your occupancy based adjustment strategy. While intricate custom strategies are great, our standard profiles are a good starting point for most users.

More information on occupancy based adjustments here.

Account Logs

Track all settings changes made in your account. Curious when overrides were created, group customizations were changed, or who set a 1 night minimum stay for NYE?! You can now track every change made with listing, group and account level logs.

You can find them on the logs page.
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