2019 - Year in review

2019 - Year in review

We had a great 2019 and wanted to share some of the highlights before we all head into the holidays. This year included 10+ new features9 new integrations, and meeting you all in person at 16+ conferences

Our Favorite Milestone: our users now price listings in 99 countries 🌎 

It was definitely a busy year for us, so here are some highlights you may have missed.

For those of you who won't read further than this, Happy Holidays from the PriceLabs team 🎄
 New Features 

2019 was the tip of the iceberg for new features...
Expect many more updates in early 2020
meant to make pricing even easier.
  1. Seasonal minimum prices to protect from low bookings in different seasons
  2. Super far out minimum stays for a total of four tiers of dynamic minimums
  3. Base Price Help 2.0 - featuring enhanced, exportable market analytics
  4. Occupancy Based Adjustments to better automate pricing strategies
  5. User Activity Logs to track every pricing adjustment you make
  6. Custom Seasonal Profiles to give you full control over seasonality
  7. Prices for unavailable dates to see what you could be selling for
  8. Far out minimum weekend prices so your weekends never sell for too low
  9. Customizable weekend definitions since everyones weekends are different
  10. Customizable dashboard performance metrics to keep those of you who sell very last minute or super far out informed on your performance
  11. Faster ways to add pricing overrides when adjusting multiple months
 New Integrations 
We are fortunate to integrate with 30+ amazing PMSs.
This year we added 9 new integrations to the list.
View All Integrations
 New Resources 
A tool is only as effective as one is at using it...
We've added new resources to help demystify PriceLabs
  • Knowledge Base - Give our support team a break over the holidays and find the answer yourself! We categorized almost every question you can imagine.
  • Live Training Sessions - A better place to learn about utilizing PriceLabs, and to get your questions answered live. New Live training session topics coming soon.
  • Video Tutorials - Since sometimes watching is easier than reading.
  • Case Studies - Check out how the Nord Collection and Red House Company are using PriceLabs to actively manage their listings.
 2019 Conferences 

It was great meeting so many of you in person this year!
If our paths didn’t cross this time, we hope to see you in 2020

Conferences attended in 2019:
VRMA Spring Forum - Charlotte, NC
VRDARM - Atlanta, GA
Guestival Tel-Aviv, Israel
Streamline Summit - Scottsdale, AZ
Avantio Brazil - Sao Paulo, Brazil
VRWS Italy - Lake Como, Italy
VRMA International - New Orleans
Vitur Malaga, Spain
Avantio Italy - Rome, Italy
Avantio Spain - Ibiza/Valencia, Spain
HOST - London, England
VRTech - Barcelona, Spain
ShortStay Summit - Barcelona, Spain
Avantio France - Nice, France
ExpoRenta - Cancun, Mexico
Avantio Portugal - Lisbon, Portugal

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